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Our purpose is to inspire and support
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Courageous Consulting was founded to assist organisations to thrive in these times of unprecedented change. Too often organisations are more like political obstacle courses than responsive environments that enable everyone to do their best work. What fascinates is creating the shift… Along with our infectious curiosity to understand organisations and how they can be more effective, our ability to translate complex issues into practical insights and interventions distinguishes Courageous Consulting from others. The frameworks that guide our thinking and advice allow for both consistency and customisation to suit your context. Within this our own approaches are constantly evolving based on research, client feedback and our own experience and development.We are at the forefront of understanding how to optimise the individual and collective potential of organisations.




Brendan is the Founder and Managing Director of Courageous Consulting. 

He is known for his infectious enthusiasm, curiosity and drive to make organisations better. 

Brendan’s doctorate in leadership decision making along with his experience working for and consulting to large organisations allows him to translate research findings and impactful approaches into powerful insights and practical interventions that work.

He provides a timely counterpoint to much of the conventional wisdom on how organisations choose to operate and along with his colleagues is at the forefront of applying developmental coaching and collaborative practices to create more responsive organisations. 

Brendan is a registered Psychologist within Australia and is a sought-after key-note speaker and organisational culture expert. 



Mark joins as an organisational and leadership development strategist and practitioner with over 35 years of experience. His deep understanding of organisational and adult development has been refined over three decades of practice in a variety of blue chip organisations across many industry sectors.

Mark is a certified LAP Developmental Coach, has Post Graduate Qualifications in Business and Adult Development and a deep understanding of organisational theory and systems leadership. Mark is an International collaborator on adult development practice and theory and a highly trained facilitator, coach, counsellor and trainer.

Mark uniquely combines his deep experience of business from key leadership roles with his passion and expert knowledge of adult vertical development and developmental coaching.



Christine is a vibrant, passionate and energising change maker, a corporate translator and a master at making the complex simple. 
Uniquely qualified to navigate and guide people at all levels through complex change, Christine brings a wealth of capabilities including employee engagement, change leadership, communications, community engagement, leadership and strategy, project management and governance, production management across all media platforms, facilitation and ideas generation.

For the past 20 years, Christine has honed her skills on initiatives ranging from cultural change, mergers and acquisitions, technology transformations, strategic planning and organisational restructures. She has also lectured in the first Master of Change, Innovation and Leadership program in Australia with Victoria University.

Christine brings an infectious curiosity, enthusiasm and optimism about the power of community and of the collective mind as the ultimate source of the most innovative ideas. 



Alan’s expertise is working with executives and leaders of medium to large organisations to execute strategy, shape change and ultimately to create more effective organisations.

With over 35 years of experience across higher education, disability services, industrial services and heavy manufacturing, Alans extensive executive experience and commercial understanding underpin his unique ability to clarify and implement the capabilities, business models and structures that will deliver the strategy.

Alan plays a key role on enterprise consulting and cultural transformation projects and he is sought after as a highly effective executive coach.

Stuart Ewin


Stuart is a business improvement expert and practitioner. He brings a unique ability to interpret data and to spot the potential improvements that others miss. 

Stuart specialises in program deployment and rapidly identifying and realising tangible customer and business value. Along with his technical expertise; his deep understanding of culture and change allows him to identify the key social and technical insights to build capability and deliver the improvements he identifies.

Formally trained and certified lean-six sigma Master Black Belt and Black Belt with broad project experience, Stuart has proven skills in lean-six sigma DMAIC & DMADV, lean enterprise, agile and theory of constraints. He works comfortably at all organisational levels, with experience in sectors such as Manufacturing, Mining, Ports, Rail, Higher Education, Power Generation, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Shared Services and Not for Profit.